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標題: China Jerseys Cheap minus 2½ [打印本頁]

作者: 刘浪好帅啊    時間: 2018-8-23 07:51     標題: China Jerseys Cheap minus 2½

No,Cheap NFL Jerseys. 24 Buffalo (plus 3½) at No. 28 Pittsburgh
"But the other team has the same situation and no one's going to feel sorry for you. You've got to go out there and step up on Thursday and go win the game."
No,Wholesale Jerseys China. 8 Cincinnati (minus 1½) at No,Cheap Barcelona Jersey. 21 (tie) Baltimore
Both teams burned us last week.
Hard to believe how low Steelers have fallen this year.
LIONS, 24-23
No. 2 Seattle (minus 6½) at No. 29 Atlanta
49ERS, 24-13

No. 27 Houston (plus 2½) at No. 16 Arizona
Injuries keep striking the Vikes, who won't have tight end Kyle Rudolph, one of their few offensive threats outside of Peterson, or right tackle Phil Loadholt. The Redskins are getting healthier.
Angry Saints return home and take it out on Cowboys.
Dare we take Jaguars for first win? Double NAH ,Cheap Jerseys...
No. 32 Jacksonville (plus 13) at No. 17 Tennessee
Line opened at 9½, then Aaron Rodgers' collarbone got in the way.
No. 26 St. Louis (plus 10) at No. 4 (tie) Indianapolis
No. 18 Miami (minus 2½) at No. 13  Tampa Bay, Monday night
Minnesota (No. 30, AP Pro32) is rapidly sinking, even though it came close to a win last week in Dallas. The QB situation is in flux, the line isn't opening holes for 2012 MVP Adrian Peterson, and opponents gain more than 300 yards a game through the air.
Colts are rolling, Rams are reeling.
No. 25 Oakland (plus 7½) at No. 23 New York Giants
No. 10 Carolina (plus 6) at No. 4 (tie) San Francisco
SAINTS, 37-28
Let's see.
Well-rested Broncos want this one for ailing coach John Fox.
Loss here and it's time to write off defending champions.
Texans want this one for ailing coach Gary Kubiak.
"It's a huge mental week and we had this experience last year going into our Thanksgiving game," Griffin said. "There's not much contact. You don't get to go out there and run every single play, get multiple reps at it. You kind of have to be on top of your studying, be on top of your film work ...
No. 9 Detroit (minus 2½) at No. 12 Chicago
No. 19 Philadelphia (plus 2½) at No. 11 Green Bay
In a short week, RG3's crew seems to have a lot of edges on AD (Peterson, known as "All Day") and the hosts.
After six straight losses, Giants thinking six straight wins. Next one ...
Washington (No. 21 tie, AP Pro32) seems on the rise as Robert Griffin III gets closer to his true form, the running game has been revived, and the defense regularly is getting sacks.
No. 13 Dallas (plus 7) at No. 7 New Orleans
No. 3 Denver (minus 7) at No. 15 San Diego
EAGLES, 23-20
BRONCOS, 30-24
Like the way both teams are playing. Niners are more than a TD better, though.
Bears should hope Lions lose their starting QB like Packers did,nhl jerseys outlet.
COLTS, 31-13
RAVENS,NFL Jerseys China, 17-16
TITANS, 27-10
So do we ride the Redskins or the Vikings in Thursday night's game, in which Washington is a 2-point favorite?
Dare we take Bucs for first win? NAH ...
Injuries can be damaging to NFL teams — and to Pro Picks, which is hurting after an awful week in which even our Best Bet flopped, for the first time.

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