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作者: 刘浪好帅啊    時間: 2018-8-19 18:48     標題: Jerseys NFL China coach Chip Kelly said. &quot

The Eagles (8-6) thought the same,Brett Favre Falcons Jersey.
Fresh from a decisive win at home over Detroit that gave them control of the NFC East, they fell flat. Nick Foles threw for a career-high 428 yards and three touchdowns,Wholesale Jerseys USA, including one to DeSean Jackson,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, who had 10 catches for 195 yards. Foles took four sacks, though,Kurt Warner Cardinals Throwback Jersey, and the Eagles had nine penalties for 94 yards.
"We need to stick together," coach Chip Kelly said. "That's what we did when we were 3-5,Deportivas Asics Mujer Baratas, and that's what we'll continue to do."
"I knew early in the week that we matched up well with this team,Wholesale China Jerseys," Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said.

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